Unblocking Email Accounts in cPanel

Step 1: Login to the cPanel

Step 2: Navigate to the Unblock Email Accounts page

Click on Unblock Email Accounts under the Email section.

Step 3: Activate the Email account

  • Based on the reason for suspension, you will be required to take certain actions before requesting for activation.

  • Once you have completed the required actions, click on Activate Account.

  • The below message will appear in your cPanel interface once the accounts are successfully unblocked.

  • If the email activation is requested without taking required actions, the option will be disabled after 3 such attempts.

  • A username@hostname entry indicates that non-authenticated SMTP mails will be affected. It is recommended to revisit the email settings based on the email suspension notification.

  • An email account entry indicates that email services via Webmail/email client will be affected.

  • A cPanel username entry indicates that the complete email service for the domain is suspended.